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Re: [IP] Nighttime lows

> Have any of you had some experience with the following blood sugar
> pattern? At 12AM when I go to bed my blood sugar is 170. At 1:15AM I
> will have crashed. My basal rate is only .1 throughout the time from
> 9:00PM to 4:00 AM. These sudden drops seem to always happen between
> 1AM and 2:30AM. The frustrating thing is that in reality, this basal
> rate is too low for this time of the night-my blood sugars will
> usually rise. And the low basal rate doesn't seem to prevent those
> times when I do have the sudden drops. I am at the end of my rope

A couple of years ago there were some reports of crazy bg drops from 
a Humalog user. You might try switching to Regular for a week or so 
and see if it stops.I believe they mixed H&V to eliminate the 
problem or possibly simply stayed on regular insulin. I don't 
remember who it was that reported this problem, it was too long ago. 
Sorry for the minimal amount of info.

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