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[IP] kidney function test(Jan)

Jan and all the others who replied, thanks for all the advice to help me
understand what the heck is going on. I have been under the care of a
nephrologist for 3 years now. I take an ace inhibitor daily also. I follow a
low protein diet, 5-6 ozs daily. I don't mind that at all, don't care much for
meat and have a strange "protein allergy". I have these tests repeated every 6
months at the least, so I guess I will hopefully catch any problems before
they become significant. I was just so lost at what the numbers meant and the
Dr. acted like maybe something was wrong and talked about doing a biopsy if
theses last tests were still "strange". Well thanks again for your help!
PS Jan, What is a KPTX? I sure hope it doesn't mean transplant?! I wish you
well, either way! 

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