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[IP] irritation of site; change of site; first week report

Hi.  I've been on the pump for a week now, and have a few basic

1) When I changed the site yesterday, the skin under the two tabs was
red and blotchy (it had itched since the day before).  I'm using the
Minimed softset and softserter.  Is there anything I can do to prevent
the red blotches?  If you get them, do you treat them inany way, or just
wait for them to go away on their own?

2) How often do most of you change the site?  I'm wondering about going
3 1/2 days each (rather than 3) simply so that I do it on the same days
of the week.  What do you folks think?

Now, my first week report.  Over the last 6 months with MDI, I had only
1 instance with two consecutive days having no readings greater than 200
(I test 6-7 times a day).  Last week I had 4 consecutive days with no
readings above 200--a record!  Also, I had fewer low blood sugar
reactions than normal.  So thus far it is quite a success!

On another note, I just changed insurance companies (well, my work
did...) to Aetna (US Healthcare), and instead of paying $5.00 per month
co-pay for my prescriptions, they charge $15--but they charged me $30
for my test strips!!  That could get expensive per month.  Anyone else
have a similar experience with Aetna--and anyone know why they charge
double the copay?


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