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Re:[IP] Think of those less fortunate " Long but worth Reading"

I met with my CDE last week for a follow up appointment.  While I was there
Her secretary knocked on the door and came in and asked her if she could
give one of her patients some free supplies because she was going through a
divorce and had hit rock bottom and needed some help.  My girl friend was
waiting in the waiting room and on the way home she told me she had asked
the women for her name and phone number telling her we might be able to
help also. When I got home I looked at all the supplies I had for MDI and
gave her a call and told her I could give her 250 syringe's and a bottle of
NPH  Keeping just enough supplies for myself incase of pump failure.   I
than told her that if everything goes fine with my pump for the next month
I would give her the rest of the supplies!!!  I told her I could buy it
over again with no copay next month IF I needed it anyway !!!!    IF you
could of seen the look in this young frail woman's eyes " about 20 years
old with no insurance "     She couldn't thank me enough!!!!!!    That
brings me to this post if any of the list members have supplies that they
are not using and can spare it please don't let it sit around, Their are so
many people out there that need it!!   I know that The CDE'S and ENDO'S 
get supplies from the drug reps. but its usally for people just recently
DXED and just getting started and very little is left for the people in
hardship!!    I gave her the supplies through the CDE'S office so it would
be done by the book!!!   Next time you set a bolus on your pump just think
how lucky you are and PLEASE donate you MDI supplies to someone less
fortunate than you, Just think it may save someones life!!!!  Thanks for
hearing me ramble    C J Jutras    Lewiston,Maine     The Coooold State    
Now in a terrible deep freeze and not liking it so much    LOL 

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