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Re: [IP] MiniMed Disposable Pump?

>I haven't followed all the posts on this, but while I'm fighting with the
>insurance company now to let me buy the test strips I need for a month, I
>just can't imagine them approving a throw-away pump.

Hi everyone. Sorrow to pursue this one in slow motion! I only drop in and
read posts using my web browser every now and again.

Glad you appreciated my British irony Sam... ;-) (or was it sarcasm? What's
the difference???)

I've not seen a prototype, and this is pure imaginative guesswork, but
suppose the insulin is preloaded in a small bag (like the bags they use for
drips in a hospital, only much smaller, and made of that shiny
silver-plastic stuff) and you have a tiny disposable electric motor with
built-in battery (like in a cheap wrist watch). The motor sits inside the
bag, and pumps insulin out through a small needle. You poke the needle in
you - like a Rapid - and the bag sticks to your skin (it has adhesive on
the same side as the needle). There we are. Disposable pump. The only bit
of hardware in it is the motor, and that surely would cost no more in mass
production than all the infusion sets we currently use, with yards of fancy
insulin-friendly tubing...

Anyhow, that's my imagination done for the day. Now, if I were one of those
people who could get by with just one basal rate, I could use this
disposable pump, and take my boluses by injection. I'm not averse to
injections, and I usually find injected Humalog works much faster in me
than bolussed Humalog.

Oh, would the pump need a No Delivery alarm? Not sure... if the user were
type 2 (they don't get DKA) then perhaps that's not necessary, and there's
far less to go wrong, with no tubing to get blocked, or syringe plungers to

Someone else mentioned to me that the basal insulin could be allowed to
seep in through a skin patch, but that's an area about which I know nothing.

Bye for now!


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