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Re: [IP] New to list

>I'm afraid the infusion sets will hurt.  Also, does the pump cause more 
>weight gain than insulin
>injection (tight control MDI)?

  Hi Pixie, I've found that for some reason the infusion sets hurt less for 
me than shots. Especially when I use the sof serter, I can't even feel it. 
If I can, then I know something is probably wrong with the site. As for 
weight gain, at first I gained 7 pounds but that was only because I ate a 
lot more junk than I would have on shots, especially since it was between 
haloween and Christmas.  My total basal requirements actually went down, I 
was just bolusing more.  Now, I've pretty much been sticking to a much 
healthier diet since Christmas and have lost weight again. I think it 
depends on how you eat - some people are more inclined to eat more junk on 
the pump which would cause anyone to gain weight.  Similarly, if you keep 
eating healthily and your insulin levels drop once on the pump, you might 
lose weight.  hope that made sense :) --Gianna
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