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RE: [IP] Sof-serter & kids

This may be a silly question, I'm taking the posts from parents as they are
inserting the infusion set by hand???  I use a pen-like insertion device
from MiniMed that does all the insertion for me (I can't remember what it's
called).  You load the infusion set into the device and it kind of shoots it
in with no pain.  

Lea Idlewine

	Darlene writes:   My son Chris just started on the "D" pump on
> and he is using the Mini-Med infusion set that is like
> the "D" Rapid except the Mini-Med has the cannula
> instead of just the straight needle.  He is using the
> Sof-serter and was told to straighten the skin where
> he in going to inject between his first and second
> fingers instead of pinching the skin.  Maybe this will
> help.
> Darleen F.
> --- Jessica Marder <email @ redacted>
> wrote:
> > On Mon, 17 Jan 2000 email @ redacted wrote:
> > > Now, from a personal note - Tenders - I am sorry -
> > but I dislike the way it 
> > > feel when I am pushing them in - It feels like I
> > am tearing his skin.  
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