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[IP] Re:costs of supplies

>A few months ago Diabetes Forcast had an article on pumping claiming costs

>for supplies ran from about $1500-$2000 a year.  Curious, what kind of 
>price range is anyone else getting for this kind of time period?

I guess my situation is quite different from anyone else.  My husband is in
the Army and I get my supplies through the military health care system. 
Tricare (the ins. name) pays 85% of durable medical equiipment and it's
supplies.  I was told that my cost of supplies for 90 days is around
$100.00.  Making that at about 400.00+/- per year.  I was complaining about
paying this much.  As for my test strips and insulin I get all that from
the millitary hospital pharmacy at no cost.  As long as the hospital stocks
something I need and I get a prescription for it, I get it that way.  Are
there anymore military pumpers on the list?  I'd like to know what you've
been through with pumping and dealing with Tricare.

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