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Re: [IP] Sof-serter & kids

On Mon, 17 Jan 2000 email @ redacted wrote:
> Now, from a personal note - Tenders - I am sorry - but I dislike the way it 
> feel when I am pushing them in - It feels like I am tearing his skin.  It 
> takes much forces to push in a Tender - or I may be just a weakling.  At any 
> rate - he doesnt mind them - but I do not like the tenders.  I like him 
> having the longer cannpula - but not the feel off skin (tissue tearing) upon 
> inserting a tender.
> Any comments would be appreciated - if there is some other way to push in a 
> Tender.

i started having this problem with regular old injections years ago...  so
my doc offered to watch me inject myself with saline one day, to see if
she could identify anything that i was doing...  she immediately said,
"you don't have to pinch /that/ hard!"  by putting less pressure on the
skin it gives a bit more easily... (although not pinching at all doesn't
work either... the skin gives soooooo much that i find i can't get the
needle to go in at all.....)  with tenders i try to pinch up just hard
enough so that i can "feel" the subcutandous fat layer, and i have a good
idea about how thick/thin it is in a particular area...  then i press hard
to break the first layer of skin, and then release a little of the
pressure with my fingers as i insert the tender the rest of the way with
constant pressure....  i don't know how this will translate for someone
trying to insert a set on someone else... but maybe it'll help a little...  


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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