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RE: [IP] Can You Relate? LONG

Lea writes:  It's really interesting to me that there are others out there
who didn't give a poop about their "long-term health".  Which is how my
endocrinologist (a man) always tried to get me motivated to check my blood
sugars.  He is a very brilliant doctor, but had no social skills (in my
opinion).  I've since switched to a different endo (a woman).  She's a ball
of fire and has helped me to find the reason why I didn't like to/want to
check my blood sugar.  

When I was diagnosed (in 1981 at age 11), I was in the hospital for 10 days
over the Thanksgiving holiday.  During the time that I was in the hospital,
the RNs would come in 4-6 times a day to "prick" my fingers with those razor
blade-like lancets.  After the first couple days, they would walk in to take
blood and I would immediately start crying because the end of every finger
was black & blue from the many sticks that I had to endure.  I would soak my
fingers in ice water throughout the day in hopes of easing the pain, but it
never really helped.  If that didn't make me want to NOT check my blood, I
don't know what would.  It's interesting that after seeing my new endo one
time, she was able to get this story out of me.  My other endo didn't ever
ask about any reason why I didn't want to check my b/s, he threatened me
with sending me to a psychologist because I wouldn't check my sugars.

Being on the pump has given me a reason to check my blood sugars.  My
long-term health matters to me, but I need something RIGHT NOW that will
show me what I'm doing is good or bad.  After receiving my pump, I went from
NEVER checking blood sugars (I'll bet I hadn't checked my blood a single
time in the last 7 years) to checking them 4-8 times a day.....OVERNIGHT.
It is very hard sometimes, but I'm really not struggling with the overnight
change of attitude.  Thanks for all of the warm welcomes that I have


> Lea wrote: 
> My past history of controlling my diabetes (before the pump) was NEVER 
> checking blood sugars at home but I did take my shots.  
> >I've turned over a new leaf and check my sugars 4-8 times a day.  
> Andrea wrote:
> I was diabetic for over 30 years before I turned over a new leaf (Sure
> sounds 
> a lot easier than it actually is...). Give yourself a pat on the back!
> Don't feel alone. I always took my shots too, but didn't start regular
> blood 
> sugar testing until November of 1998. <snip>Breaking old habits has taken
> a 
> great deal of effort and willpower. Sometimes those unhealthy behaviors
> still 
> creep up on me and bang! Does any one else relate?
> Andrea Seitz
> Diabetic 30 of 33 years
> Pumping 10 Months <snip>
> Sally (Dizzy) writes: 
> Do I relate? (I wrote the book!) You bet I do! I reluctantly admit that I
> was 
> "bad" for many years. My college years were my worst A1C's. In the 12's I 
> believe. 
> I amazed (maybe a better word for it should be frustrated) my doctors when
> going in for my 3 month check ups. I never brought my log book, (I didn't 
> have much to log.) and I'm sure that they knew I was making up numbers,
> and 
> my A1C's were always around 8.0. I don't know. 
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