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[IP] Sites and fools not thinking

Dear Pumpers & Friends,
            I was talking with a MD and a CDE, both did not know what to do
about lady who was pulling out infusion sites. The doctor asked me if I
could talk to her, sure I can then two day later the CDE called me to tell
me that she is off the pump. The Fools let her stop because they didn't know
how to help with problems of sites. The pump was working great she was just
pulling the site out working on the farm.
            I worked in a warehouse and on farm too for 20+ years and was
pumping most of the time. My first pump was hmmm.......six maybe eight times
as big as the one I use now. Still  pumping , yes it was hard at times to
wear and to keep sites in place. So what did I learn that the MD & CDE did
not. Some of the things I learned from other pumpers in a pump support group
I helped start in the 80's.
            1. Arms...sets that use a Teflon catheter  are great for the
arms but you need to remember that insulin absorption can be faster.
            2.Shoulder & Back ..you need help with placement but it does
work. The lady who does this has been for 10+ years, she did tell me that
when she does she need to up everything by 10% (YMMV) And stay away spine
            3.Breast & Chest...the lady that did it was wearing a swim suit
the placement was where you could see it at the pool. I put set in over my
lower ribs, watch so you don't hit the bone.
            4.Stomach & Hips & Butt .... try sets see how they work where.
            5.Leg & Thigh .... I like upper thigh but need to watch the
            6.Try all the tapes & dressing & preps, you may need to use one
or more.
            7.Watch where you wear it and where the tubing is, ....I had a
frozen pump and tubing, this was with old big pump, it was a -20% outside
and I had a short coat  on. Yes the pump worked great once I got it warmed
up, used it for three more years.
            8. Record what works where, I have places where I need to use
one kind of prep and tape. And if you need more tubing, you can get a
extension tubing to use. Yes, one more thing you may need to use a safety
    I will be meeting with CDE next month and maybe he can learn something
and maybe I can too. So remember to........................................

                                                        SMILE AND BE HAPPY


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