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Re: [IP] prozac

>Anyone here on prozac?  Just curious...would like to hear about others'


I started on Prozac only a few weeks before pumping...& changed jobs (after
10 years in the same stressful position) just a week later!  I don't know
that it was one of these things in particular, or (much more likely) a
combination of the three, but the difference in my life is like night & day.
After making the changes, my mom said "You're back to being your old self
again!"  I hadn't realized how fragile & lethargic (adjectives provided by
loved ones  :)  ) I had become, or how much I had fallen into simply
"treading water" as opposed to LIVING until I had this to compare it with.
If you're looking for comparisons of BG readings pre- & post-prozac or
anything, I can't be very helpful there...I had too many factors change in a
very short period of time to have a stable frame of reference to base it on.
(Oh, yeah...I also got married three weeks after pump-start - I say if
you're going to change, go for it all at once!)  I CAN tell you that one of
the things I do credit equally to the Prozac & the improved BG's/health in
general is an increased energy level & interest in life - it's not that I
was DISinterested before, it's just that I felt kind of distant from a lot
of things...like they didn't really matter much one way or the other.  Now
I'm motivated, functional, energetic...& actively happy, as opposed to
generally content/somewhat apathetic.  What an amazing difference!!!  Thank
you pump, Prozac, Michael & IP members, God, & Goddess - I feel like I can
face whatever needs done or dealt with now, & still come up smiling!

Pumping & Grinning from Ear to Ear,

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