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[IP] Tender Insertion (was: Sof-serter & kids)

>Now, from a personal note - Tenders - I am sorry - but I dislike the way it
>feel when I am pushing them in - It feels like I am tearing his skin.  It
>takes much forces to push in a Tender - or I may be just a weakling.  At
>rate - he doesnt mind them - but I do not like the tenders.  I like him
>having the longer cannpula - but not the feel off skin (tissue tearing)
>inserting a tender.


I don't know if this would make a difference for you, but it might be worth
a try.  From what I've read on here, most people , when inserting a Tender,
appear to be "pinching up" a bit of skin to insert into, the way I remember
always doing pre-pump for injections.  When I went in for my pump training,
the trainer had me begin learning with a Tender, & the first thing she
suggested was NOT pinching up, but instead using two fingers to spread the
target area flat & smooth, skin taut, & insert smoothly at about a 15 degree
angle.  (Yes, I know they tend to say 30, but she said that both she & her
husband have found 15 to be much easier & more comfortable.)  Well, that's
the way I started out & that's the way I'm still doing it.  I've never tried
the "usual method "of pinching up & going deeper", so I don't have a good
basis for comparison...I do know that I do not, internally or externally
(via the inserting hand), feel tissue tearing - so it might be worth
considering, as a way to try to avoid that sensation.

If you do try this, let me know how the two stack up comparitively.
Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get up the nerve to try other sites besides
my abdomen...since I feel safe there, it's pretty tough to convince myself
to explore other options!


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