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Re: [IP] Sof-serter & kids

Kap has used Tenders and softset Ultimates and Micros.
We used the inserter w/ the Micros.
All sites were in the tummy or side areas.
I asked him if he wanted to numb the site - 
But the answer was NO.
He doesnt even want to use Ice.
If it hurt him - he would beg for ice or e-creams.
Kap doesnt take to any pain very well.

Now, from a personal note - Tenders - I am sorry - but I dislike the way it 
feel when I am pushing them in - It feels like I am tearing his skin.  It 
takes much forces to push in a Tender - or I may be just a weakling.  At any 
rate - he doesnt mind them - but I do not like the tenders.  I like him 
having the longer cannpula - but not the feel off skin (tissue tearing) upon 
inserting a tender.

Any comments would be appreciated - if there is some other way to push in a 
Thanks for Listening!
Mom to Kap
pumping insulin on 1/19 - but have change a lot of sites in my opinion due to 
tape not sticking until we found IV3000.

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