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Re: [IP] Re: ignorant beginner question about showers...

> What I have found works for me is to bolus for 1/2 hour's worth before 
> disconnecting and check the time, then I wait until after my shower and it 
> gets to 1/2 hour after I disconnected to reconnect.  If I disconnect at 7a, I 
> wait until 730a to reconnect- usually by the time I shower, dry off, brush my 
> teeth then it's been a half hour and ok to reconnect.

Might not want to do this after breakfast. Hot water on the skin can 
increase insulin absorbtion dramatically and make you low. At a minimum 
it'll sometimes give you a little rush, particularly with Humalog. A 
catch-up bolus after your shower does not have the same risk. Anything 
going in faster than normal just makes up for what you missed.
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