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Re: [IP] Frustrating Disease- tricia

but I still hate it that my kid has this disease!  I know that he
>doesn't mind it nearly as much as his parents do, in fact he probably
>wouldn't mind it at all if we would just back off and let him deal with it.

  tricia . . .you are not alone in feeling this way.  My mom tells me every 
day (well, ok, most days) that she sometimes feels upset and used to feel 
guilty that I have D, and I am always surprised by this. I just don't think 
about it much anymore . . .changing the infusion sets and testing before 
eating are just part of my life now . . .even if they shouldn't have to be 
for anyone . . .and I think it's some kind of survial technique :) if i 
thought about it all the time, I'd go nuts.  I don't mind it nearly as much 
as my parents in some ways, but I also know that sometimes I wish my dad 
would pay attention to the fact that I"m diabetic a little more sometimes. 
>From his attitude you'd never know I had it.  So I wouldn't worry too much 
about being overly worried . . .I think it's better than your son not 
knowing that you care or worry. Just my 2 cents . . .off the podium now :)
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