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>>Those of you have children on the pump....do any of you feel it's not 
necessary to use EMLA or equivalent when using the Sof-serter?  We're 
trying to get better prepared for pumping...with options and questions we 
may have for our CDE.  Anthony is 11 and has an ample supply of body fat in 
his abdominal area.<<

My daughter Sara, who is 9 years old has been pumping since August 1999 and 
we never started using the EMLA cream...our endo and pump representative 
suggested that it would be better if we didn't start.  My thoughts were that 
if she was willing to use the Sof-serter without it, it would be less 
trouble.  She was very frightened the first couple of times, the sof-serter 
is a sort of an ominous device, but now she sails right through insertion.  
We've got it down to 10-15 minutes which includes me filling the reservoir 
with the insulin and getting the bubbles out!  She rotates her sites, tummy, 
on both sides of the belly button and buttocks, both sides.

A comment on tummy injections.  When first dx'd (4 1/2 years ago), she would 
only do her injections in her upper thighs or sometimes in her arm.  This 
resulted in "walnuts" developing and her endo telling her that she HAD to 
start rotating her sites because the decrease in insulin absorption.  She 
started doing tummy injections during diabetes camp, because of the 
encouragement of the counselors and also seeing other kids doing it (peer 
pressure wins again!).  She is now a "belly buster"!  Diabetes camp will be 
interesting this year because it will be the first time for her with the pump 
and also for many kids.  Our peds endo just started prescribing pumps this 
past summer after camp.  Our daughter was THE first pumper! 

Pat, mother to pumper named Sara
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