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Re: [IP] Soda & Guilt (was "real soda")

interesting...  i have to say...  although i have not been the most
mentally stable of people and tend to hold myself to a "perfectionist"
type standard...  my ped endo gave me very good advice when, at age 14 (3
yrs, after dx) i confided that i had desperately wanted a candy bar, and
had gone to the supermarket and bought my favorite kind, and then taken a
lot of extra insulin when my bg shot up later...  she said, "jess, don't
die for a candy bar...  next time, just take your 4 units of insulin
before hand, and have yourself a candy bar!"  it made me feel so
comfortable and /normal/ to be told that 1) i wasn't a bad person for
wanting a candy bar.  2)  that there was a sensible way to handle that
sometimes all too intense craving... and 3)  that my doc was interested in
helping me do the things i wanted... not making me do the things that were
easiest for her to say....

though i know i'm preaching to the choir by posting this to IP... i just
thought i would share one of the moments in my life when a med.
professional just made my life with D that much easier...


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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