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Re: [IP] Soda & Guilt (was "real soda")

In a message dated 1/16/00 10:39:50 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< although your child may know full well that s/he now
 has a pump that allows previously off-limits items to be consumed, the
 transition of seeing them in that light of now being acceptable is not an
 overnight process.  >>

I told Kap - that it may be possible for him to drink Juice (apple) with his 
meals after he went live w/ insulin.  Now, parents you should have heard the 
tounge lashing I got from him.
He was very confussed and upset that I would even think of such a thing - 
after all the times I had told him how high his blood sugar goes after 
drinking apple juice and now  - poof - just like magic he gets to drink juice 
w/ meals after he goes live w/insulin.  He doesnt think so.
We talked about the difference how the pump would work vs neddles.
Still - Kap is very weary of this sort of change coming on.
Honestly, it was like but Mom u said - Now I am not sure if I can trust your 
I must say that Kap is the sort of Kid that when you tell something - he 
takes it as Law once you put your foot down - but did push to see if I 
bend/break.  And I never did bend or break when it came to apple juice.  
Pumping will take time to free us of our old habits of saying - Heck No, 
Don't, and Can't
Living and Growing 
Mom to Kap - age 9 
pumping insulin in 3 days.
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