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[IP] My MM 507c Pump for sale.

I just contacted MM and indeed I am allowed to sell my pump.  Here is how it
works.  The prospective buyer must have a prescription from the Doctor.  Then
they can purchase the pump from me.  The pump along with the prescription goes
back to MM for a inspection for  a charge then the remainder of the warrantee is
then transferred to the new owner.  In the case of the pump I am selling the
warrantee would be for over 3 more years. So you get a pump which was only used
for three weeks the whole starter kit and a three+ year warrantee for $1500.  Not
bad.  I am not desperate to sell but it is an option for those who are battling
the insurance companies or have a co-pay which is higher than $1500.

If you have any additional questions please feel free to email me at
email @ redacted

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