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[IP] Diabetes and pregnancy

Hi!  It's been a while since I have posted any messages, but have some 
questions.  I have been pumping for 7 months and I am 6 months pregnant.  My 
last HgA1C was 5.3 (I was at 7.6 before I started puming).  The pump has been 
a life saver for me!  Lately I have been waking up high - high being 135-175. 
 My goal range is between 70-90.  I have tested at 2:00am several nights and 
I am not low (usually around 100) and by morning I am on average around 160 - 
but the doc doesn't seem to want to adjust my basal rates.  Also, I am 
noticing now that I am a little resisitent to my insulin - if my BG is 80 at 
meal time and 2 hours later I run it, it'll be as high as 220.  But at the 
next meal (at about 4 hours) I am good again - between 90-100 with no high 
blood sugar bolus.  Does anyone have any suggestions on if there is anything 
I can do in either of these situations?  It's very frustrating!  Anyhow, any 
advise would be appreciated.
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