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Re: [IP] IP - anyone NEVER use stomach before pump?

> I'm really ready and excited about starting on a pump...
> I was wondering (this is about my only "fear" of starting the pump) if any
> you pumpers were the kind of diabetics that had never used your stomach
> injections before> sharon
Sharon -

I guess I am excited about mine too - lots of posts from me as well!!!!
Good luck to you.  I've been Type 1 for 21 years, and never touched my
abdomen until this summer (six months now).  I was scared it would hurt, I
guess  -  but I was wrong.  It's usually so much easier to lift your shirt
up and do it than rolling up a sleeve or pulling your pants down.  It
doesn't hurt, but it is a little awkward at first....just give it a few
tries, and I hope you'll find the same.  I use my stomach most of the time

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