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[IP] diabetes IS diabetes

<<<<<<Sara said:
Diabetes is Diabetes is Diabetes....it is what it is. 
There are
no bad diabetics.  My diabetes is just as bad as yours
and Amy's
and Nicole Johnsons, and while my complications may
not be as bad
as some, and while some of these kiddies may not have
complications yet, their diabetes is ALL as bad as
yours. >>>>>

 did I miss something? Which Amy do you mean? Who's to
say anyone is bad? Just like being a brittle diabetic,
why do they label people like that? I think some
people have a harder time managing it at times, and
differently people approach it differently. Some check
bg 2x a day and are happy with, others of us check too
much (me included) but it gets us no where.  When I
first met my boss (he didn't hire me) he told me his
wife was really brittle, so they target to keep her bg
over 200...sounds crazy considering the complications
she has already,but how can 1 person tell another
diabetic that someone has a "worse" case? This list
has shown me so many of us have the same problems, yes
my endo will tell me I'm wrong about humalog not
working and heat not affecting it, but my own
experiences lead me to believe otehrwise, so I just do
what I know is right even if he can't see the logic
behind it..what works for me, works for me. I wouldnt'
say anyone's is worse, but circumstances are always
different. This past week I feel like everything I
came to feel safe with on the pump has gone down the
drain, yes my control is a little bit better and I
haven't really changed anything, but I'm seeing 30s
again without symptoms out of the blue, but also
seeing 70s which correct themselves
automatically...not that I don't care,, but it's out
of my control, and usually I wouldnt' go to bed with a
low bg (<90) without at least etaing but lately I have
been b/c I've had crazuy reactions out of teh blue.
And yes I'm rambling, sorry getting in a btchy mood
tired of the back and stomach ache knowing for a fact
that after a week it's not related to my period:-)
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