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[IP] Sof-serter & kids

> Those of you have children on the pump....do any of you feel it's not
> necessary to use EMLA or equivalent when using the Sof-serter

when geneva, age 10, and somewhat on thin side,  used sof-serter,  she used
no numbing agent.  had no problem.  her little pumping peer, same age...took
about an hour to get nerve up and then ended up using emla.  but when they
both went to diabetes camp about two weeks later...and saw all the pumpers
not using anything,  I guess the peer pressure enabled her friend to do it
without the emla and to this day does not use it..

 it is amazing what will happen when the kids are not around US and see
other kids doing this stuff.

now geneva is using the sils.  and she uses ice.  but the other day we were
on a road trip and her site came out.  we were nowhere near ice.   so, she
inserted the sils in the back seat sans numbing.  she said it was ok.

but...if she has a choice, she uses ice with the sils.


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