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[IP] Adding to Brian's request

> From: Brian Carter <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Replying to the IP mail
> I am going to ask a favor of everyone on the IP list.  When you are
> replying to a email please clip the portions of the message that are not
> related to what you are responding to ..  for example the footer that as
> added to all the messages.
> Brian Carter

When I got *hooked* up to my first pump 8/23/83 I was told there were 3
criteria required for use: maturity (some children had more maturity than
some adults); intelligence to be able to figure it out; and affordability
(hopefully via insurance). It seems to me that if those 3 may have been
adjusted somewhat over the years, *intelligence* might have gone out the
window. Whatever happened to proofreading? If a basal can be programmed,
then words like: a lot (NOT allot unless you are in a divorce situation --
look up alot in the dictionary and you will not find it), hte (the), adn
(and), ot (to), definately (definitely), ect. (etc.) and so forth should be
simple enough to learn to spell if you have the intelligence to put your
lifestyle on a mechanical device (pump). PLEASE reread your post before
sending it to cyberspace where it cannot be corrected. This forms our
opinion of you when there are consistently misspelled words each and every
post, line after line.
    Better check my BG - I sound pretty grumpy. 8^)
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50)

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