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Re: [IP] Sof-serter & kids

In a message dated 1/16/00 1:19:42 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Those of you have children on the pump....do any of you feel it's not 
 necessary to use EMLA or equivalent when using the Sof-serter? >>

Kap was dead set against the soft-set inserter
After much explaining to him - that I may not be inserting it right - going 
too deep manually - (pushing it in) he said OK
But just once - then he would never use inserter again.
I agreed with his demands - His body - his choice!
So we tried the inserter and he was screaming and shaking - his nerves were 
But he didnt feel it and says he will always use the inserter!
He thanked me for showing him that if you dont try it - you will never know 
what you r missing.
He said afterwards - he couldnt tell when it went in and we was still 
expecting to feel great pain and that is why he was so upset!  The inserter 
is bulky looking - it looks like it would hurt.
I had asked him if he wanted to use numbing cream w/ inserter and with 
tenders.  But he doesnt care to use it.  
Living and Learning
Mom to Kap - age 9 
pumping insulin on 1/19 - changed many sites just in training w/ saline - 
tape problems
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