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Re: [IP] Re: bad case of diabetes

 I think it was Sam who said,"Either you are pregnant or you are not".

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Subject: [IP] Re: bad case of diabetes

.) She asked if my daughter had a severe
>case of diabetes or something, and is that why they put her on
>this device. I said no, the pump just allows more flexibility
>while also allowing tighter control, plus the obvious benefit -
>she doesn't have to get 3-4 shots a day anymore, etc. This lady
>said she was going to be put on insulin soon (then I realized she
>must be type 2.) She was asking how to get a pump, etc so I told
>her as much as I could in the short amount of time I had. Anyway,
>the comment about the "severe case of diabetes" cracked me up. My
>family says stuff like that all the time. If my daughter has a
>high bg in their presence or if her A1C comes back on the higher
>end they think it is because her diabetes is severe. I always
>thought diabetes was diabetes and that there was no such thing as
>having either a touch of diabetes or having a severe case of it.

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