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[IP] Re: bad case of diabetes

Funny this came up just now. I took my 9yo daughter for a haircut
the other day and afterwards, I had her do her bg (since we were
going to be running around shopping and she tends to drop low if
her bg isn't high enough to start with.) Anyway, one of the
hairstylists said she was diabetic also, so we started talking
about diabetes. I told her that my daughter was recently put on
the insulin pump and this lady looked very puzzled and had no
idea what I was talking about (so I showed her the pump and
explained how it worked.) She asked if my daughter had a severe
case of diabetes or something, and is that why they put her on
this device. I said no, the pump just allows more flexibility
while also allowing tighter control, plus the obvious benefit -
she doesn't have to get 3-4 shots a day anymore, etc. This lady
said she was going to be put on insulin soon (then I realized she
must be type 2.) She was asking how to get a pump, etc so I told
her as much as I could in the short amount of time I had. Anyway,
the comment about the "severe case of diabetes" cracked me up. My
family says stuff like that all the time. If my daughter has a
high bg in their presence or if her A1C comes back on the higher
end they think it is because her diabetes is severe. I always
thought diabetes was diabetes and that there was no such thing as
having either a touch of diabetes or having a severe case of it.

Brian said:
> I'm learning just how bad my case of Diabetes really is

Sara said:
Diabetes is Diabetes is Diabetes....it is what it is.  There are
no bad diabetics.  My diabetes is just as bad as yours and Amy's
and Nicole Johnsons, and while my complications may not be as bad
as some, and while some of these kiddies may not have ANY
complications yet, their diabetes is ALL as bad as yours. 

Take care, Kerri 
Alulitsuti [Ah-loo-lee-joo-tea, Cherokee] mother of many children
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