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[IP] IP - anyone NEVER use stomach before pump?

Sharon wrote:

>>I was wondering (this is about my only "fear" of starting the pump) if any
you pumpers were the kind of diabetics that had never used your stomach for
injections before?   I have been taking injections for all of my life (13
months diagnosed) but never felt comfortable using my belly.  If anyone was
like me and has any advice or comments about it, I'd love to hear it....<<

I have had D for 37 years and have been on MDI for pretty much the whole
time.  I too, had a real aversion to using my stomach for injections.  The
CDE at my doctor's office tried to get me to give a saline injection there
when she was trying to get me to switch, but I just couldn't do it.  Now
that I've decided to go for the pump, I've made myself give injections in
the abdomen, and today (because of my mindset) it's a piece of cake.  But, I
still prefer other sites.

Type 1 for 37 years

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