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[IP] Jumpers & kids (was: Leesa and sites)

One pal makes sure to put her set in where she knows what she's
>going to wear the next few days won't rub on it (waistline-wise).  Another
>friend mostly wears coveralls - slouchy ones that don't pinch at the waist,
>and he carries the pump in a pocket.

As a teacher, I am really fond of the jumper dresses you wear over a
shirt...tee-shirt in warm weather, turtleneck in cold.  I just let the
tubing come out through the armpit & the pump lays neatly in the pocket
directly below.  Another advantage - BIG pockets!!  :)  I hadn't realized
quite how addicted I was to this dressing style until one day when I had on
jeans & a big shirt instead (pump was covered at my waistline), & several
fourth-graders were very upset because, not seeing the tubing, they thought
I had "left my medicine at home!"

Hey, just another nice note on kids & their concern.  Our fourth-graders
have to do a lot of practice writing exercises in preparation for the
proficiency tests they will face in March.  (GGRRR...but that's another
story!)  Anyway, a few weeks ago, their writing topic was "the world's
greatest invention."  One of the regular teachers (I'm the music teacher...I
see them only 2 or 3 times a week) brought me one boy's paper to read.
Unlike many of his classmates, who wrote about computers, cars, &
spaceships, he wrote about the insulin pump...& included many specific facts
about it that I had given them the first week of school, way back in
September!  Pretty good feeling, to know that even if some of them don't
retain a lot musically, they are learning SOMETHING!!  :)


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