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[IP] 100 BGs, kevin and geneva


geneva , just this last few days has been running on the lowish side.  by
this, I mean she will go to 70-80's and treat with 4-8 carbs and then either
stay the same or just come up a little.  I have had to reduce her basals
from 0.5 all day to 0.4 and at night..(.you know...our problem  block of
time from 8 to midnight?)  she actually is in the normal range.
now...right before christmas she was eating like crazy and I had to actually
double her basals during the day and up the nightime ones by about 10%.  at
endo visit last week,  she had put on  5 lbs  and grew an inch.  suffice it
to say she had an intense growth spurt.
so, I think that now she is in a stable mode.  maybe kevin is in that also.

don't have a clue as to whether drugs (stimulants) would cause BG 's to

just a comment on our situation.

mom to child in growth spurt

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