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[IP] anyone NEVER use stomach before pump?

>I was wondering (this is about my only "fear" of starting the pump) if any
> of
> >you pumpers were the kind of diabetics that had never used your stomach
> >injections before

geneva also NEVER used her abdomen while on MDI.  when she had MM training,
she sat there for a while just thinking about it.  then...bamm..it was in.
she used the sof-sets for about three months and then I read on this IP list
that you get longer sites on the sils if you are thin.  geneva was really
only getting 3 days.  never more.  so we decided to try the sils.  I told
her I would do it with her.  we both sat at the kitchen counter and iced up
our bellies.  I went first.  it did NOT hurt at all.  just some pressure.  I
also have more fat!   when she did it...she said it was fine.  it pinches
just a tiny bit when she first introduces the needle, but then it doesn't
hurt while pushing it in.

now she does it without any problems.  (well...sometimes...)

mom to 10 1/2 yr. old geneva who hated the idea of ab shots!

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