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Re: [IP] IP - anyone NEVER use stomach before pump?

Hi! My name is Caron.  I just joined the list last week.  I started using the 
MiniMed 508 in November and I love it.  I have been type one since 1970 at 
age six..Almost 30 yrs. of injections.  About twenty yrs ago, I used to 
inject into my abdomen until one day I developed the biggest, ugliest bruise. 
 It did not hurt, but I never injected there again!  Needless to say, when I  
started the pump in November, I was a liitle "freaked out"  about inserting 
the infusion in my stomach.  I did it and the benefit of the pump outweighs 
my fear for a couple of minutes.  It doesn't hurt, but I still cringe.  
I will NEVER go back to injections if I can help it.
The MiniMed 508 has given me a new lease on life.  It is so hard to put it 
into words how I feel about it!  My husband of 9 yrs. and my six yr. old love 
it too!  No more unexpected lows in the middle of the night!
Good luck w/ the pump.
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