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[IP] re:cost of supplies

 It definitely varies. My bills have always (well,
i've been pumpng barely 7 months) but the sets are the
big thing...when I ordered micros/sof sets was more
than when I ordered sils.
 My last bill was CHEAP b/c MM screwed up..only got
one box of reservoirs, IV Prep, Polyskin and a set of
batteries..but infusion sets through disetronic..which
I think are $150 for 25 sets, so still WAY cheaper
than MM's Micros 12 for $120....the more times you
order teh better you get at it..
 like MM ended up sending me 2 sets of batteries b/c
my pump eats abbteries just to last me 3 months..adn I
had to order a sport case for showering (sets don't
disconnect, one reason they're cheaper)
 And tape, I'm about out of tape, yet i just ordered
some in the beginning of december..so next week i have
to call MM and order some more b/c I've just had tape
probs lately..
 You get it down to a fine art...mine is 2 boxes of
reservoirs, one box of iv prep, one set of batteries
(theys aid do 2, so if these keep lasting a while i'm
ok b/c they sent 2 this last time), and a type of
tape--I've been gettign one box of polyskin but am
exploring other op[tions, I change sets every 2 days
and to keep the last set in, it took 4 pieces of
polyksin..get's expensive..right now i'm using OLD iv
3000 from when i used sof sets but not both pieces of
tape... oh yeah, infusion sets, I order those through
Disetrnoic..which now is a month behind my MM order
b/c i had to get insurance approval, so they arrived
just after christmas...
 Just depends what you order..I can see a $400 order
for me if I'm smart enough to get everythign at once
(but not with the expensive micros...) but you need
the set you need, that's all i can say...just luck i'm
using one that's not an arm and a leg, but I have
ordered them all at diff. order times...insurance
never said why is this more than the last order....
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