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I have been reading the discussions about what site to use.  I use the
Soft-Set and have been pumping since Nov 3rd, 1999.  At first, I was using
my stomach.  The problem I have with that is that I cannot get to close to
the waist line because I have gastroparesis and when I eat my stomach gets
bloated and then I am miserable.  I moved it higher up on my stomach but had
trouble with the various tapes itching me terribly.  Also, the upper part of
my stomach started feeling kind of bloated.  I've always had problems with
my stomach being fat, but now the upper part seemed to be getting that way.
The last two times I changed the site, I decided to use my hip (once now on
each side).  That seems to feel more comfortable except for where the
detachment is.  Sometimes that digs into me.  But the actual site doesn't
seem to bother me.  The only thing I have noticed is that my BG's seem to be
running higher.  Now I know this could be for a hundred different reasons (I
do seem to be getting a sinus thing), but I'm wondering if it is because I'm
not absorbing the insulin as well in the hip.  All in all though, I think I
prefer the hip just because of the stomach problems I have.

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