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[IP] update on feelings:-)

HI all--
 Just thougth I'd share how things are now..
 I saw my endo, and I am definitely respecting him. 2
things..back to basics b/c there's a lot of
variables...1. eat at lesat 1500 cals a day (no
prob:-)--but he said that b/c he saw days i was basal
testing) and 2. not correcting any bg until i'm 35
points over 160 (aka 195 or higher)
 so far so good. bg now remind me of shots...GREAT
during the day, but I have this ? for y'all...is this
dawn phenomenon? last night i was 75 when i went to
bed at 1am, at 4am i was 270 something, and at 9am
same bg again, even though I corrected at 4am. Same
thing the night before, but I went to bed at 125....I
don't really think I'm crashing and rebounding..adn 4
days ago i woke up with 80 at breakfast..so could it
be dawn phenomenon?  i did see a 33 yesterday too, so
sort of all over the board, but afternoon i was
consistenlty under 150, which wsa good:-) i'm planning
on basal testing tonight to see where exactly i spike
 Anyhow, he NEVER mentioned returning to shots..adn I
don't think i would either:-) I like my pump, I loev
eth freedom adn they reminded me a1c isn't the most
improtant thing, b/c I have freedom now..even though
he agreed i was never 500 in ten years of shots, i
never landed in hospital from a high, and i never had
such high a1cs..oh well. Just hoping this one is lower
and if the past few days are an indicator it will
be..but then again my hormones may have just
temporarily settled down..
 Haven't worked since new year's eve b/c of being in
hospital, etc, etc, nad i work tomorrow...still
planning on setting my temp lowre basal so i don't
 MM 507c--6/28/99
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