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Re: [IP] rear sites

In a message dated 1/16/00 1:25:56 AM, email @ redacted writes:

<< Can anyone tell how they like the site on the upper rear. Our endo said 
was using his tummy too much and needed to move around a bit.  >>

I find the upper buttocks pretty comfortable with a micro sofset, except for 
when I press against that button when I sit in a hard chair. (no, I am not 
sitting on it -- I mean against the back or side of a chair).  I would think 
the sils would be quite comfortable, but it is beyond my dexterity to insert 
one there (I can insert a sofset using the sofserter).

Does Kevin use the area above the waist in front of the rib cage?  I find 
that my favorite place these days -- I insert a silhouette into the side of a 
pinched up area so it almost parallet to the contour of my body.  The upper 
ones are very comfortable (just below the breasts), though I sometimes have 
discomfort when they are getting closer to the waist and move around as my 
body bends.  I had used the lower abdomen almost exclusively since 1960 or 
so, so was also getting pushed to try other places.

Linda Z
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