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Re: [IP] re: selling pumps

On 15 Jan 00, at 17:23, amy m wrote:

>  Disetronic sets b/c MM doesn't sell the 6mm rapids..
>  Adding my other 2cents worth.. I agree, I don't think
> we should really be selling used pumps here, but

But some people don't have insurance to pick up ANY of the cost, 
and if someone is able to get a good pump that may have some 
warranty left on it, why not, even if it isn't through a "registered" 
provider.  The pump gets to go to further good use, someone 
without ins. coverage gets a "bargain", someone with no need for 
an extra pump gets a little rebate.  No harm there, just don't go 
using a pump without knowledge or support.  Same advice as 
someone who gets a pump through a Dr. and Ins. provider.

> ..and I must say lots of
> MM bashing lately on this site..I DO it too, but for
> those who are still undecided between pump companies I
> think MM is great and will most likely go with them
> again;-)

Agreed!  There's no need for any "bashing".  We need to support 
each other no matter what our choices are.  As Rodney King said, 
"why can't we all just get along?"  We all have different ways to 
conquer the "Monster", but the basis is it's the same Monster in us 
all.  Lets win the fight together!

Pump On!


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