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[IP] Leesa and sites

Hey Leesa!

A number of my pumping buds (I soon will be one, so I'm taking their and all
of the advice on this list to heart) do some things I haven't really
considered.  One pal makes sure to put her set in where she knows what she's
going to wear the next few days won't rub on it (waistline-wise).  Another
friend mostly wears coveralls - slouchy ones that don't pinch at the waist,
and he carries the pump in a pocket.  And I don't know much about where else
the infusion set can be placed, but another friend has lots of padding on
her backside, and her endo said it was okay to use her buttocks if she
wanted - which she does (near the top, not the  part you sit on. Ouch.
)  ).  I think I have to go with the coveralls, but I don't have to consider
work attire and so forth due to the fact that I am a housewife and have no
job at the moment.  I'll find out soon - good luck!  Dawn

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