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Re: [IP] my feelings--long from 1/10/00


I just read your long story and can really relate to what you are saying.  I 
have had diabetes almost 25 years and on the pump 6 months.  I have periods 
of time where my sugars are high without any reason.  It is very frustrating. 
 I also have lows for periods of time for no known reason.  I am sure I was 
having them when I was on shots but didn't notice so much as I didn't test 
nearly as much.  My a1c's have pretty much remained the same but I am having 
fewer lows and fewer highs so that is ok.  All I can say is think about it, 
would you rather take a shot every time you put a carbohydrate in your mouth 
or would you rather press a button?  One thing that I hope you keep in mind 
is that you are doing the best you can and will have to keep adjusting for 
the highs and lows on the pump or shots.  Good management is based on 
constant adjustments.  I hope you feel good about yourself and keep growing 
into a wonderful young lady.  God bless you and good luck.  I will keep you 
in my prayers and thoughts.


Tammy Lawson
frpm Minneapolis, Minnesota
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