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[IP] HELP!! ASAP! Very long

Well folks, it's been 3mos of pumping, 1st day of MM pumping, pump failed, 
and MM replaced with new pump the very next day.  Then daylight savings time 
comes and wham the new 508 has a "bug", was told will be taken care of Jan 
2000. Today starts as a normal day, only were at a very loud, crowded 
wrestling tournament, and i am nervous about this software problem the MM 508 
has with its basals and asked Matt to see his pump, cause i knew the rate 
should have changed and i wanted to make sure it did. Well what did i find?  
An error E13 and the pump was "whaling" , and had been for atleast 15-20 
minutes and i didn't HEAR a thing. So, i calmly reprogrammed the pump, 
because after i cleared this error it gave me an E01 reset pump message, 
which means literally set everything all over including basals! Well Matt is 
now on 7 profiles so obviously i didn't memorize them all in order, so i 
chose to set a temp basal till i got home to reprogram them. When i found 
this error Matt was already up to 333!  All goes well till 1:45!  Another E13 
Error, so i call MM. New pump cannot get here till Monday!  Yeah right, is 
what i tell them, they then say can i pick a pump up at our local airport if 
they fly it there overnight? Oh by the way it'll cost you $75 bucks!  
WHAT!$$$$*!$&*^  This is Matt's 2nd pump to fail is 3 mos, so you can imagine 
what i said, they also say they will send Matt a refurbished pump because 
he's had the MM508 for more than 30 days!  WHAT?#@$()*#%$&  Now i know you 
all know what i said to that. To make this incredibly long long story 
shorter, they are flying a new MM508 to Phila airport and will have a courier 
bring it to my home by 9:00am tomorrow morning. Wonderful!  Thing is the pump 
has now been giving us these E13 messages every 40 minutes!  Matt will not 
disconnect. IT"S GOING TO BE A LONGGGGGGG NIGHT. But i told him as long as 
sugars are in good shape, I'll do it!  I am to the point now I don't want 
this MM 508.  WHat should i do, RICHARD SPECTOR, if you read this, write me!

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