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[IP] Washing hands lowers BG test

> It is amazing sometimes after Kap has done a blood sugar test and the #
> was 500+.  Yet, I knew he had not ate anything that would have caused this
> range and he wasnt showing any signs of sickness.
> So, I asked my little man - "Did you wash your hands?"
> Reply was "No Ma'am" After washing his hands the # is back down in range!
> Water will sometimes bring down high blood sugars. VBG
> The former endo said "This was the first time he had every heard of meter
> testing residue on hands and he didnt think so"  I asked him well which #
> do u trust 568 or 168 after washing hands?  Give Insulin or Not?
> Common Sense Ruled and so we now have 1 endo in the past and Kap washes
> his hands.
> Darlene

I would think the obvious answer/question here would be: What was touched
between hand washings? Was a piece of candy, etc. touched at some point? Of
course, the sugar residue would affect the outcome of the BG test. Wash it
off -- which would also reduce the chances of infection -- and only the
blood, not residue, will be tested.
Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)

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