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Re: [IP] "Must Pay"

> Several of you have referred to laws passed for insurance companies
> who now "must pay" for diabetic supplies.  That is very vague, and
> insurance companies still get to decide what they consider necessary
> "diabetic supplies".  Many still don't even  consider pumping
> necessary, or more than 3 strips a day necessary.  That law is vague
> and not very helpful.  Many such laws just state diabetic education.
>  We've all gotten those flyers from our insurance companies with
> general D info., therefore getting them off the hook - calling it D
> education.  

The flip side of that is quite interesting. The insurance companies 
are NOT interested in having the definition tested in court. The 
downside if they loose is a lot of publicity and a lot more claims to 
pay when more people find out about the coverage requirements. If 
they thing you are SERIOUS about persuing your claim, you will get 
reimbursed 99% of the time. Don't give up, keep at them, appeal, 
threaten, etc....
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