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Re: [IP] the implantable pump!

email @ redacted wrote:
> One advantage of the implantable pump is that people with allergies to
> insulin may do better.  Other than that I really can't think of another 
> advantage of an implantable pump. 

Well, one of the reasons they haven't released it yet is because of the
problems you  mention, some of which they're well on the way to solving.

One advantage of the implantable pump is that the insulin is released
into the abdominal cavity, where it first goes to the liver. Pancreatic
insulin does the same thing. The majority of natural production of
insulin is used by the liver. 

This allows the liver to quickly process glucose from meals into
glycogen, thus avoiding the initial spike many of us get from high-carb

It also reduces or eliminates hypos, because the insulin is also
eliminated from the abdominal cavity more quickly, and once insulin
levels get low, the liver produces glucose from the glycogen it stored

In addition, it eliminates peripheral hyperinsulinemia, which is what we
get when we inject or pump insulin just under the skin. Peripheral
hyperinsulinemia may contribute to complications -- that question hasn't
been answered. 

Another advantage is that, since the system is self-contained, you don't
have the risk of infection caused by infusion sets. Abscesses from
infusion set infections can be VERY ugly!

If you're going to the doc at least every 3 or 6 months anyway, might as
well use the opportunity to get the pump refilled. When it's released to
the public, refilling WON'T require a hospital stay. 

I'm also pretty sure they won't release it until it's extremely
reliable, too. And they may well be able to miniaturize it a lot more.
And if they could connect it to a continuous glucose monitor, you'd have
an artificial pancreas that you wouldn't have to think about very much! 

But in the meantime, keep on pumping! 
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