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Re: [IP] yucky, i HATE sugar sodas!!!

>the best thing I have found for lows is
> Coca-Cola Classic.  Works the fastest and the best out of anything I have
> tried.

we were keeping a big bottle of coke classic and little 5 oz. dixie cups in
geneva's "medical supply drawer" in her classroom when she was on shots. she
loved using it for her lows also.  but on the pump,  we found that she only
needs 4 carbs at a time to bring her up the 20 points or so (she almost
never crashes anymore)  and the coke  obviously has way too many carbs.  she
would ultimately drink the whole 5 oz. and this would jack her way up.  so
now she uses lifesavers....for when she is around 70-90.  (she likes to be
over 100)


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