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Re: [IP] depression and diabetes

Rev. Randall Winchester wrote:

>>Coupled with that we are afflicted with this "wonderful condition" where
we are trying to shoot a moving target with tools where the aim is unstable
and the environment seems more random than ordered.  One day 1 unit will
drop your bg by 50 points, the next day it's only 5 points...  My favorite
trite phrase about bg control is that it's like trying to balance a bowling
ball on a razor blade - theoretically possible but very, very difficult.
to this the insurance companies criminal behaviour,  the number of
incompetent or burned out medical professionals and the personal toll of
having to devote so much time to trying to keep ourselves on target and you
have a perfect recipe for a very down day...<<

Here, here, I second ALL of that comment!  It is SOOOOOO TRUE!

Type 1 for 37 years, beginning her hassle with the insurance company...

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