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Re: [IP] getting mad at kids for eating "something"

In a message dated 1/14/00 1:58:06 PM Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< I keep telling her that I am working on this part of myself....we can all
 improve! >>
    The message conveyed to Geneva in this phrase is a life-long coping tool 
that will keep her in good stead when contending with both D. and non-D 
issues! Having just heard a sad tale of a college student attempting suicide 
over an unrequited love interest and not getting a 4.0, I am reminded that 
even our non-D kids can feel the pain of being less than "perfect". The best 
"gift" we can give ourselves and our loved ones is similar to what Dawn 
related to that sad 6 yr old camper with high blood sugars " this is simply 
INFORMATION...it's neither good nor bad...it's rather a "weathervane" telling 
which way the wind is blowing & if your kite won't fly, then CHANGE 
direction!! "
    My daughter Melissa needs to re-do her basal fasts if she wants her 
"kite" to fly better...if not, then she has to deal with the consequences of 
being too lazy or busy or whatever to "re-set her course". I'm talking about 
her bgs, but it's equally applicable to her schoolwork, her college 
plans......and whatever else life will hand her!!

Regards, Renee ( who is gratified to "know" so many "enlightened" parents, 
whose kids will benefit from their candor.....)
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