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[IP] Re: New Insurance - Pers Choice

At 06:58 AM 01/15/2000 , you wrote:
>Hoping somebody out there has this insurance, in Calif.  Is new to us - I am
>very nervous about pump and D supplies.  Holly

Gee...I was really hoping you had some information about Pers Choice....my 
husband also works civil service and is covered under the PERS health 
insurance plans.  We have Kaiser Permanente - Southern Region.  All of 
Anthony's (my 11 year old son) pumping supplies, including his pump was 
covered 100%.  We just got the pump last week, so this is definitely under 
the current year coverage.

My husband will be retiring in another 2 1/2 years at age 55.  We are 
leaving CA....yeah!!!! and PERS Choice and PERS Care will be our only 
out-of-state choices.  You might want to call member services for your 
health plan and ask them if the pump and pump supplies are covered.  That's 
what we finally did with Kaiser when our peds endo only thought they would 
pay 50%, and not cover pump supplies at all.  Were we pleasantly surprised 
when we found out that everything was covered.

>I believe that effective Jan 1, all insurance co.s in CA must pay for
>diabetes supplies and education. Don't know the specific's of the bill,
>but it is now in effect.

I believe this is correct as well.  As of the 1st of January, we no longer 
pay for test strips, ketostix, or any other testing supplies, including 
lancets and meters.  Previously we paid a prescription co-payment for the 
strips, and ketostix were over the counter...ouch!  Our syringes, insulin, 
etc. are still covered under our prescription coverage, but our specific 
plan only has a $5 co-payment for a three month supply.

Torrance CA
mother of Anthony, 11, dx. 9-22-95...pumping any day now!

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