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[IP] re: insurance companies - Am I the Exception?

At 11:53 PM 1/14/00 -0500, you wrote:
>Appeal, appeal, appeal.  Get letters from doctors, bombard appeal board with
>faxes on testing information.  You'll win.
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Here is my experience with pumping, might be long.

I would like to relay the good fortune I had in becoming a pumper. In 
October I started seeing my endo for the first time, up to then I had been 
seeing a doc in internal medicine. To bring him up to speed, 38 yrs. in a 
couple of months, I was listing a days worth of blood sugars 2 - 3 times a 
week. Periodically his nurse called and told me how to adjust my insulin. I 
finally got the software for the Dex meter and printed out a set of charts. 
Customary call, adjust insulin. Two days later at a previously scheduled 
appointment he came in saying "What I told you the other day, I don't know 
if that was right.". "I looked over the charts some more and all I can do 
is sit and scratch my head. Have you ever considered using a pump?"  I told 
him I wanted to and was given videos and literature on MiniMed and 
Disetronic. A friends wife is a startup instructor for MiniMed and the next 
day a representative called to ask his questions. This is getting long I 
need to condense. 12/13/99 Doctor appt. 12/14 talked to rep. 12/16 received 
medical release form 12/17 contacted by MiniMed for temp. verbal release 
12/20 received 508 and MiniMed billed Blue Cross 12/28 started pump 1/14/00 
claim report from BC, paid after medical necessity discussion. Taking 10 
prescription meds each morning and most again sometime during the day, 
having only 4 generic, I had all of the deductibles and out of pocket 
expenses paid. Everyone was very cooperative. My only request was to get 
something started in order for it to qualify in 1999. That or I would wait 
6 months to get Maj. Med. at 100% again. I think if I had only gotten the 
paperwork started and a dialogue with doctor started that would have 
sufficed for 1999 Major Medical Claim. This experience has been completely 
overwhelming. All this and no reading over 250, a big improvement from 600. 
Will have other posts for diabetes background and depression later.

Jim Holman

email @ redacted

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