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Re: [IP] depression and diabetesReallyLong

I have had the big D for the past 33 years since the age of 5. Yearly since 
then I would be hospitalized to take a vacation from D and let the Md. & 
nurses do my pokes and injections. I did not realize this was a form of a 
breakdown until I reached about 20 years old. Since I was about 10 the Drs. 
would say you wont live to 25, at least not with your legs and eyes still 
working and I thoroughly believed them. (Keep in mind that was 1971 and a Ds 
future according to stats was not bright.) I decided never to marry or have 
children so as not to cause pain on my early departure. I tried every 
antidepressant on the market and they all gave me side effects that either 
made me feel like superman or would not let me get out of bed. I eventually 
turned to exercise on a daily basis, left my successful business and followed 
my heart. I now work in the health field mainly training patients on pumps, 
running support groups and enjoy, my 2 children and my life. It was a long 
road to overcome the daily battle with D, and my A1cs and attitude for the 
past 8 years prove to me I am winning.Lets face the facts D is a hard disease 
to deal with but over time, with intensive therapy, positive thinking and 
meds ( if they work on you) life can be grand. I hope this brief history 
helps your fight with depression, which is every bit as difficult to deal 
with as the big D, but both can be overcome with time and determination.
Brad   D. 33 years Pumping 11 years and loving it.(Not hospitalized for 
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